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Overseas Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism
While most of you may already know what Medical Tourism means, Medical Tourism, Health Tourism or Global Healthcare is when someone visits another country to have surgery, check up, medical procedure or alternative treatment at a more affordable cost than back in his or her own country. While at the destination, the person may even spend extra time there recovering and exploring the unique and beautiful tourist attractions in that country., So no stress involved.

Domestic Medical Tourism:

If you choose Domestic medical tourism, you don’t leave the country. Instead, you travel to another city within the Country to have procedures for less than you would pay in your home city.

Inbound Medical Tourism:

Few but, there are increasing number of international patient departments in the U.S. hospitals.  We are offering inbound medical tourism services to patients who come to the U.S. for higher quality than they can receive in their home country, access to procedures that are not available in their country’s healthcare system and also we combine tourism opportunities in the U.S

Cost of an Angioplasty

U.S.: $57,000
Singapore: $15,000
Thailand: $14,000
India: $13,000

Cost of a Hysterectomy

U.S.: $20,000
Singapore: $6,000
Thailand: $4,500
India: $3,000